Reftech Service Programme: Maintenance and service for a longer life…


Reftech Service Programme (RSP)

The aim of our RSP is to provide quality service and maintenance. As you are aware, it is very important that the machines and systems in your production process are continuously available, and/or that there are good living conditions and a positive working environment! The government is also heavily involved in issuing guidelines and carrying out inspections. Reftech developed the Reftech Service Programme for this purpose, focused on your systems, wishes and requirements, and it benefits your installations immensely. The end result is a tailor-made contract that covers statutory obligations concerning F-gases and PED, among others. You are also assured that you will be assisted by expert professionals, and that work is correctly logged. If you wish, we can draw up a tailored maintenance contract for your systems, and include you in our Reftech Service Programme. If you conclude an RSP contract with us, you can rely on 24/7 service.

Reftech Cool Control (RCC)

More and more systems incorporating our highly advanced RCC system are being built. The RCC system controls, checks and monitors all the functions of your system. It allows us to assess your system remotely, and possibly solve any problems immediately before calling out a service technician.

Calibration of processes

If required, we can carry out a comprehensive test to verify that the required output values are correct. These calibration values are recorded in a calibration report. This test is also recommended for assessing the service life of equipment such as evaporators, compressors, light sources, sensors, etc., and their possible replacement.

Available 24/7

Our maintenance and service engineers, who are available 24/7 for our customers who have an RSP maintenance contract, have experience with complex systems, are regularly retrained, and are VCA (Safety Contractor Checklist) and F-Gas certified. We also work according to PED Guidelines. We have a wide range of parts and specific components in stock, so that you can always rely on quick repairs.