Natural refrigerants, an investment for the future.

Natural refrigerants

Natural refrigerants, such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, glycol, butane, propane mixtures and even water, are increasingly used in new refrigeration systems these days. Not only are these refrigerants highly energy-efficient, they are also a lot less harmful to the environment!


Safety around your system is of great importance. Unfortunately, some natural refrigerants are sensitive to high pressure, or slightly inflammable. To ensure safety, we always use the right PPE and work according to PGS 13 (hazardous substances) guidelines and safety regulations.

The correct natural refrigerant

Every natural refrigerant reacts differently, but our experienced engineers know how to deal with them! We possess the knowledge and experience needed to select and use the right natural refrigerant for each product, which guarantees the safety of your system and keeps it running properly.

An investment for the future

Although a system which uses natural refrigerants often costs more initially than one which uses synthetic refrigerants, the extra investment is quickly recuperated because natural refrigerants are more economical. The government also offers a helping hand in this respect, and you can recuperate as much as 10% of your investment through tax breaks.

It’s a no-brainer!

More and more companies are using natural refrigerants instead of synthetic versions these days. This prepares them better for the future, because the European Commission is encouraging the use of natural refrigerants. The aim of the current F-Gas Regulation is to protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. That is why using natural refrigerants is the best option, not just for today but also for the future.