Measurement and control technology To measure is to know!

Measurement and control technology

Remote control

At Reftech, we have our own software, which enables us to monitor all your climate data remotely. If parameters in your chamber suddenly change, we simply need to press a button to see if there is a malfunction, and if necessary send one of our engineers.

The system

Reftech builds refrigeration system automation and climatic chamber automation in-house. Our easy-to-use control technology and visualisation of systems are what set us apart from the competition. Our RCC (Reftech Cool Control) software clearly indicates the values of your system. Not only does RCC allow all the values of your climatic chamber to be monitored, it also allows these values to be changed via the computer. Streamlining the management of your refrigeration system requires structured software modules, so we make sure that ours connect seamlessly. As a result, your requirements can easily be set, and we offer custom solutions as standard!

We arrange everything for you!

Once your system is up and running, you may of course want to change the climate/values yourself. Our certified PLC experts will explain to you how the system works, and what to do if any malfunction occurs. If you are not completely happy with the system, our PLC programmers will do whatever is necessary to put this to rights!