The refrigeration system that fits your needs...


Extend shelf life

Fresh and healthy products often depend on cooling. Proper refrigeration prolongs the storage life of vegetables, fruits, meat and even medicines. By controlling processes such as freezing, storage, growth and ripening, products can be made available throughout the year. Reftech supplies custom refrigeration and freezing systems, and is familiar with commercial considerations. You decide what you need; we design and build it!

Optimisation of processes

We are more than happy to use our many years of experience and knowledge to optimise your refrigeration process. For example, we made the first ripening chamber for bananas for Chiquita. We are also happy to look at aspects such as hygiene, food safety, energy consumption and energy saving with you. We are familiar with the relevant legislation and required inspection bodies such as the HACCP, BRC, NVWA and the Warenwet (Commodities Act). We understand your need for your systems to be reliable, and the impact of this on your business continuity.

Customised systems

Other aspects may also be important in choosing a particular refrigeration system. Such as a pleasant working environment in areas where products are processed. At each stage, we can provide advice on energy efficiency, cost savings, subsidy opportunities and ease of use. When designing your installation, we study the prevailing investment tax deductions and subsidy opportunities with you.


If you invest in energy-saving technology and sustainable energy, you may be eligible for various subsidies and tax breaks, such as the EIA (Energy investment deduction), depending on what you require and decide on, as well as the annual Energie en Milieulijst (Energy and Environmental List).

If you invest in green technology, you may be eligible for the MIA (environmental-investment deduction) and the Vamil (arbitrary depreciation of environmental investment), depending on what you require and decide on, as well as the annual Energie en Milieulijst (Energy and Environmental List).

Smart and sustainable technology

Our refrigeration systems and climatic chambers use only high-quality technology and materials. The advanced control technology we have developed over the years makes it easy to monitor and control processes, even remotely! It all means we can offer innovative custom solutions with real benefits for our customers; from design to installation, and from maintenance to service!

If you are looking for frequency-controlled compressors, or to save energy through suction pressure optimisation, or a fluid condensation pressure control, Reftech will be happy to help. We also have in-house experience on using natural refrigerants such as NH3 and CO2.