Reftech airco: Your comfort zone


A pleasant environment

A pleasant environment is determined partly by the temperature, and a good climate can improve restaurants, sports schools, childcare centres, homes and offices, as well as less obvious spaces like crematoria. These days, it is becoming increasingly accepted that a good living and working climate has a positive influence on the way people function!

Productivity and concentration

Research has also shown that adverse climate conditions have a negative impact on concentration, productivity, and overall sense of well-being. And what about a server room full of equipment? Basically, air conditioning has become an integral part of our modern society.

Reliable and economic

Reftech is your partner for sharing advice and building climate solutions that best suit your situation, for both larger and smaller projects. We use the best premium brands available for our reliable, durable, low-noise and energy-efficient air conditioning systems.

Fresh air at all times

Good air conditioning keeps temperature and humidity levels stable. The system ventilates, cools, dehumidifies and filters air. We can also advise you on ventilation.

Summer and winter

Everybody knows that air conditioning systems cool air, but we also install systems that provide both heating and refrigeration via a heat pump, which automatically reverses the refrigeration cycle in the winter. Such systems are very energy-efficient, which means significantly lower costs for users than traditional systems.

Our innovative heat pump solution is being used more and more in homes and commercial buildings, and it eliminates the need for traditional gas or other types of heating. This is important in terms of energy efficiency and the CO2 footprint; increasingly relevant considering concerns about sustainability and the environment.