Climate technology: Technology inspired by nature…


In charge of growth

There are many aspects to climate control, and our job is to make every parameter controllable. You let us know what you want, and we’ll make it a reality. It means you decide when you want to grow and when, and under what conditions. Climate control puts you in charge, and allows you to make adjustments.

Custom climatic chambers

Reftech designs and builds climatic chambers for research into cultivating plants, and the development and production of fruit and vegetables. This involves reproducing conditions that most favour the development and growth of plants and crops. This proven technology is used on multiple layers in an isolated chamber. We can supply you with high-quality climatic chambers which exploit state-of-the-art technology. Another area you can entrust us with is automated transport in and around climatic chambers.

Upon completion of a project, you will receive a comprehensive report, including all the measurement data concerning light, temperature, humidity, air velocity and CO2 levels, in accordance with protocol. We can periodically compile such a report for our business relations. We already apply this calibration method for many of our business relations, so they can ensure reproducibility in their processes.

Controlling growth processes

You decide the climate you want in your insulated chamber. Temperature, air circulation and humidity, light intensity and spectrum; everything is under your control. Genetic modification, molecular genetics and entomology are all well suited to modern climatic chambers. If required, we can regularly disinfect the chamber with ozone or a heat shock. Reftech arranges full CO2 control, at both superatmospheric and subatmospheric. You decide what you want to grow in the climatic chamber, and under what conditions. In addition, you can also determine when something can be harvested, which is important for planning. The moment of harvesting can be aligned with market activities.

Growth advice

Reftech not only recreates the conditions you require, it is also ideally placed to share ideas and give advice, thanks to its many years of high-level experience and expertise. It means that the conditions in climatic chambers can be perfected down to the smallest detail. We can also monitor all data, either remotely or locally in the chamber itself, and make adjustments where necessary.