Reftech, so much more than a mere refrigeration-technology company.

About Reftech

Project Expertise

Refrigeration technology and climate control is what we do. We enjoy deploying our knowledge and experience to invent, design, and build exactly what you need. Our projects are carried out on-site, because the best solution is often determined by local conditions. One example is the artificial ski centre in Landgraaf, which was built against a hillside. It required a specific refrigeration system with carefully considered piping routes.

At Reftech, the focus is on knowledge projects. We enjoy a challenge, and like to use our expertise in refrigeration technology and climate control to help our customers. In addition, we are always looking to make improvements. We love innovation, think in terms of possibilities, and are only too pleased to offer custom solutions, all at the highest level.

Extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for our work

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the field, we can see things from our customers’ perspectives, and contribute relevant ideas. Interested in layered production? Building a multi-layer system with root refrigeration? Phasing out R22 refrigerant? Reftech's professionals will be happy to help you out.

Making and keeping the climate controllable

Our customers often have major scientific or commercial interests. For example, they are involved in improving vulnerable plant species through breeding, or optimising the storage and/or ripening of vegetables, fruit and meat, or conducting research into certain medications. Being able to completely control light intensity, air humidity and temperature is of unprecedented value for such projects. We build climatic chambers on site, and design and build custom refrigeration systems. This allows all the different aspects of the required climate to be determined and created. Our software also permits monitoring of all data, and consequently precise control of all processes.

Sustainable solutions

We are personally interested in issues related to the climate. The state-of-the-art energy-efficient systems and technology we use offers various benefits, such as the recovery of heat energy, or saving energy by using LED lights. We have also developed several programmes to save energy and use water efficiently. If required, we can advise you about the various subsidies available!

Available 24/7

Our maintenance and service engineers, who are available 24/7 for our customers who have an RSP maintenance contract, have experience with complex systems, are regularly retrained, and are VCA (Safety Contractor Checklist) and F-Gas certified. We also work according to PED Guidelines. We have a wide range of parts and specific components in stock, so that quick repairs are always possible.

Reftech works in the following areas:

  • Climatic chambers
  • Fruit, vegetables, meat, flowers and plants
  • Ripening chambers
  • Pharmacy and laboratories
  • Multi-layer units
  • Refrigeration and freezing cells
  • Comfort (airco)